Policies & FAQ's

Please take a look at The Artful Attic's Policies / Rules for the class. We ask that all children follow these rules so that we can get the most out of our time together.

  • DO - Be On Time
  • DO - Listen
  • DO - Be Respectful To Each Other
  • DO - Work Quietly
  • DO - Stay In Seat
  • DO - Help Each Other
  • DO - Make Friends
  • DO - The Best You Can
  • NO - Name Calling
  • NO - Foul Language
  • NO - Hitting
  • NO - Running Around
  • NO - Touching Another Person's Work
  • NO - Calling Out


How many classes are in each semester?
Each semester runs for six (6) weeks and we run our classes with the School Schedule in mind. Holidays and days off will be taken into account. Please check our Schedules Page for the dates of each class.

How many semesters run during the school year?
There are five (5) semesters that run from mid-September till mid-June. Sign-up for the next semester or multiple semesters is available on the Application Page.

How long is each class?
Classes run for one hour and fifteen minutes. Drop-off begins 15 minutes before the class starts. Pick-up should be within 15 minutes of the end of class.

Do I need to purchase any materials or supplies?
No. The Artful Attic supplies ALL of the materials and supplies that you will need during all of the classes.

Does my child need to wear an artists smock?
The Artful Attic will provide him/her with a smock that will remain with us in the Attic. Please Note: Even though a smock will be worn in the Attic, clothing may get dirty or soiled. Please dress accordingly.

Can I book an entire group of children?
YES!. The Artful Attic loves groups of 12-30. Please email Mrs.Ryan@TheArtfulAttic.com to discuss your needs and to book your class.

How can I book my next Arts & Crafts party with The Artful Attic?
After you have an idea of the date/time of your next event, please either give us a call or send us a quick email with that information. Please take a look at our Party Info page where we outline the options we offer. We will work with you to make your event exactly as you envision. Our office number is 718.822.0216. Our email Mrs.Ryan@TheArtfulAttic.com to discuss your Arts & Crafts event!